The world’s automotive industry seems to have unofficially settled on around 200-plus miles for North America and 160 miles or more for European and Asian markets. The longest-range 2019 Tesla, the Model S Long Range, gets an EPA range rating of 370 miles.

The Chinese vehicle maker Nio have unveiled plans to launch a new concept to alleviate the long wait times of battery charging within the EV industry. The new system centres around the concept of ‘battery swapping’. The company had installed 80 battery swap stations in China in 2018 and now has well over 100 of them. It had planned to install 1,100 of them across China by 2020.

This process will mean that instead of the regular method of charging the electric vehicles, the battery will simply be removed, put on charge and replaced by a previously charge battery; all in under 3 minutes! This revolutionary plan could change the scope of the electric vehicle industry and waiver one of the main drawbacks of an electric engine (the charge time).

Nio has been charging about $25 for each battery swap, or about $130 for a monthly subscription, although the company included 12 free battery swaps a year for early reservation-holders and those who bought the Founders Edition version of its upscale ES8 electric SUV. Although this does incorporate a cost aspect to the running of an electric vehicle, it is possible that in the future this service will become very inexpensive.

The future of the van and truck EV industry has also been thrown into question with great optimism that this technology will soon reach the UK and be utilised by all electric vehicle types.

Many speculate that this will lead to the eventual takeover of the EV industry and the already quick growth will propel to even greater speeds.

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