When most business’ get into their early development stages, depending on the industry, it’s almost imperative that a good van is at hand at all times to transport goods and service equipment to and from jobs. One of the biggest problems that will arise in the early stages of a business’ life is that the finances available to the firm may be limited, meaning that closing a deal on a newer van may be more difficult.

Any van works, right?

Some new business owners will explain how the vans purchased were used, high mileage, 20 year old vehicles which only cost around £1000, sounds great right? Well no, in fact the issue with those vans is that, although the initial outlay is very small – the old saying rings true… Buy cheap and you buy twice! The issue with those vehicles is that their life expectancy after you pick them up is minimal. Alongside this, the running cost will far exceed the benefits derived from the low initial outgoing. Forgetting the congestion charge, London charge and road tax charge – the actual cost of keeping these things on the road is mountainous!

What van is best for me?

Now no-one is suggesting that a new start-up jumps straight in and purchases an electric van (although they are the most economical and one of the best asset types to purchase), but the least they should be looking for is a new/semi-used vehicle. If an owner is serious about the longevity of their business and is in it for the long-run then a new vehicle is a great one time investment! Due to the usual financial restrictions experienced when a business has just started, one of the few options for a business may be financing and leasing!

Leasing vans… debt?! 

The firs thought that comes to mind when thinking of leasing a new vehicle for a business is undoubtedly the fear that becoming indebted from the early stages is a risk. But really, that’s not the case at all, especially when commercial vehicles are concerned. As aforementioned, the cost associated with keeping an old van on the road, in and out of London can be exceptionally steep. The congestion charge for vans that do not fit into a ‘Euro 6’ specification are charged hefty fees to travel in and out of London daily. Weekly this charge can average out at around £70. When a small deposit is paid to Acorn trucks for an LDV, the finance agreement for a brand new van can be fixed to work out at even cheaper than this weekly cost (by quite some degree). So not only are you saving money, but you’re essentially trading an old, second hand and soon-to-be broken van for a brand new state-of-the-art LDV that you’re guaranteed to have for years, with 5 year warranty and free ply lining.

Sounds great, how can you get started?

To get a hold of your new LDV and secure your new start-ups financial future – get in touch with us today at SALES@ACORNTRUCKS.COM or give us a ring on 0800 049 9179! We look forward to hearing from you!